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Monday, 26 November 2007 07:00

The Copyright Office of Vietnam (COV) published “The Directory of Vietnam Copyright Registration in 2006”. This is the final book in a series of “Directory of Vietnam Copyright Registration” including information of works which were registered in Copyright Office of Vietnam in the year 2006 as well as information of their authors and owners. In the whole year of  2006, Copyright Office of Vietnam issued 3,147 Registration Certificates for authors and owners, including 1,489 applied art works, 743 written works, 262 fine art works. The book is divided two parts in total 1606 colour-printing pages with impressive hard cover.

Together with COV’s e-library “Searching on registered works” in the website “Vietnam Copyright”, the series of books is an effective tool to look up information of registered works in Copyright Office of Vietnam. Managers, enforcement agencies, interested organizations and individuals may obtain useful data and information of literary, artistic and scientific creative activities which has been registered at COV for past 21 years (1986 - 2006).

Since 2007, COV will publish periodically “The gazette of Vietnam Copyright and Related Rights”.



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