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Wednesday, 16 March 2005 07:00


 Decision 2455/QD-DA on 9 August 1997 by

the Minster of Culture and Information

On the issuance of Regulations on Film and Movie Inspection


The Minster of Culture and Information


- Pursuant to Decree 81/CP on 8 November 1993 by the Government on functions, tasks, powers and organization of the Ministry of Culture and Information;

- Pursuant to Decree 48/CP on 17 July 1995 by the Government on cinematic organizations and activities;

- To strengthen and promote the management of cinematic works;

- On the request of the Heads of the Cinema Bureau and the Legal Department,




Article 1. To issue the “Regulations on Film and Movie Inspection” attached to this Decision.


Article 2. The Regulations shall replace the Regulations on the Inspection of Cinematic Works issued under Decision 619/QD on 21 July 1990 by the Minister of Culture, Information, Sports and Tourism and shall come into effect within 15 days after the issuance date. All previous regulations contrary to the Regulations shall be abrogated.


Article 3. The Heads of the Cinema Bureau, Directors of the Services of Culture and Information of provinces or centrally-administered cities shall be responsible to implement the Regulations and to supervise and discover all violations and breaches for proper settlement.


On behalf of the Minister of Culture and Information

Deputy Minister

Nguyen Trung Kien




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