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Viet Nam copyright law
Wednesday, 16 March 2005 07:00

Decree 79-CP on 6 November 1993 by the Government

Instructions in detail on the implementation of the Law on Publication



Article 3.

The authors referred to in the Law on Publication include individuals or organizations creating works in the fields of politics, economy, culture, society, science, technology, literature, and the arts, which are popularized in the form of publications of various genres (creation and composition, adaptation, modulation, compilation, selection, research, translation). The authors shall have the right to make their works public via the publishers who produce publications; shall get royalties under the contracts with the publishers; shall permit others to use, amend, note, translate, modulate, and inherit their works and have other rights as stipulated in the regulations on copyright.

The State shall protect copyright.

The authors shall have the right to lodge their complaints to the competent governmental authorities or initiate legal proceedings at the court whenever their copyright is threatened.

The authors shall be responsible to the law for the contents of their works.


Article 4.

The State shall, through its policies, guarantee citizens’ or organizations’ rights to create and popularize works and enjoy publication.


Article 8.

Within 30 days after receiving manuscripts, the publishers shall reply to the authors and enter into contracts on publication or republication with the authors. The contracts on publications must clearly define the publication time, number of copies, rights and responsibilities of the authors and publishers, the copyright holding duration by the publishers.

On behalf of the Government

Prime Minister

Vo Van Kiet




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