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Viet Nam copyright law

Law on Publication

Ratified by the 9th National Assembly (3rd Session) of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on 7 July 1993


Article 2.

The State guarantees the right to distribute works in the form of publications by citizens, State organs, political, social, economic organizations, armed forces, hereafter referred to as citizens, organizations.

The State does not censor works before their publication, with the necessary exception of those decided by the Prime Minister.

Article 3.

The State shall issue policies to fund, order, buy manuscripts for creation and popularization of valuable works; to invest in the application of modern sciences and technologies to raise the quality of publication activities.

Article 5.

Citizens and organizations shall have the right to popularize works in the form of publications through publishers and shall be responsible to the law for the contents of their publications and shall be protected by the State regarding copyright.

Article 8.

Publishers shall not be permitted to publish or republish works without the consent of the authors or their legal successors as stipulated in the Law on Copyright.

Article 17.

Publication, republication, duplication of documents, materials, textbooks, schoolbooks, audio or video tapes and discs by any author or organization must receive the consent of the said author or organization.

The publishers and their parent agencies shall give comments and proposals to the competent governmental authorities in charge of publication to examine and decide on the publication or republication of the works issued before the August 1945 Revolution or in the former enemy-occupied areas or translated from foreign languages that must be examined in regard to their contents.

The Government shall define the kinds of books to be examined.

Article 18.

The publishers shall publish or republish works under contracts signed with the authors.

Chairman of the National Assembly

Nong Duc Manh




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