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Viet Nam copyright law

Law on Cultural Heritages No.28/2001-QH10

Ratified by the 10th National Assembly (9th Session)

of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on 29 June 2001

(effective after 1 January 2002)


Article 4.

The terms referred to in this Law shall be interpreted and understood as follows:

1. Intangible cultural heritages are spiritual products of historical, cultural and scientific value, preserved in memory or scripts or handed down orally, or through handicraft transfer, performances and other forms of preservation and transmission, including spoken languages, writing scripts, literary and artistic and scientific works, orally-transmitted philology, folk performances, lifestyles, ways of living, festivals, secrets of traditional handicrafts, knowledge about traditional medicine and pharmacy, gastronomy, traditional costumes and other folklore knowledge.

9. Collection is a set of artifacts, antiques, national precious objects or intangible cultural heritages which are collected, preserved and systematically arranged in conformity with their common features in form, content and materials to meet the demand for the study of history, nature and society.

Article 5.

The State shall manage in a consistent manner all cultural heritages within the whole people’s possession; shall recognize and protect the collective ownership, community ownership, private ownership and other kinds of ownership over cultural heritages under the laws.

The ownership and copyright to cultural heritages shall be defined under this Law, the Civil Code and other related legal regulations.

Article 8.

1. All cultural heritages within Vietnam’s territories, having an origin at home or abroad, under various forms of ownership, shall be protected and brought under these regulations.

2. Vietnam’s cultural heritages in other countries shall be protected under international practices and international conventions signed or participated in by the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Article 23.

The State shall set up policies to encourage the collection, compilation, translation, enumeration, categorization and preservation of works of literature, the arts, science, oral philology, and folk performances of the Vietnamese community, which shall be handed down and popularized at home as well as exchanged with other countries.

Chairman of the National Assembly

Nguyen Van An



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