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The International Federation of reproduction right organization (IFRRO)


The International Federation of Reproduction Right Organizations (IFRRO) is an international organization uniting all reproduction right organizations and the national and international societies of copyright owners.

IFRRO operates with three major targets:

1. To encourage the establishment of reproduction right organizations in the world;

2. To create good conditions to negotiate and establish relations among its members;

3. To improve the people’s and organizations’ awareness of copyright and the role of the reproduction right organizations in transferring rights and copyright charges between the copyright holders and the users.

IFRRO was established in 1980 from the Working Group of the Copyright Committee administered by the Federation of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers (STM). In May 1984, at the meeting in Oslo, this working group became an unofficial corporation called the International Forum of Reproduction Right Organizations. This event marked the more direct participation of authors and copyright holders within the group.

In April 1988 in Copenhagen, IFRRO became an official federation speaking, on behalf of its members, to international organizations such as WIPO, UNESCO, European Community (EC), the Council of Europe (CE).

In December 1992, in Helsinki, IFRRO approved its new Statutes and Instructions stipulating the establishment of the Executive Board and the Secretariat.

In January 1998, IFRRO’s Secretariat was founded and IFRRO’s headquarters were located in Brussels (Belgium).

 (Website: www. Ifrro. org)


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